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Greetings, I am Heiwajima Shitsuo. I am the butler to Prince Hibiya and also part of the Heiwajima family.

I am the least known one for I do not make myself stand out as much as my siblings do. Please do get to know me if you are interested, I am more than willing to meet you all.

M!A: None.


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I had some fun at the flowershop haha
I really wish i couldn’t gotten these for someone though.
The little caption is mine as well.
A little something i want to keep myself, unless you can read Chinese haha.
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When you go through your followers list and find that follower Tumblr didn’t notify you of


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i sent you a little something on your other account >w>

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"5 rule if I was king…?"

  1. Everyone must drink tea.
  2. All is to be kind and generous to each other
  3. Tea is to be served with breakfast, lunch and dinner
  4. Free sweets to all. 
  5. I required one Tsugaru in my bed every night. 

Magic anons, come and rape my ask box. Please.

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Character situation asks:


❤ - I’ll write my character confessing to your character for the first time.
☞ - My character is genderbent for a day, how would he/she spend it?
☎ - My character leaving a sexual message on your characters answering machine.
♛ - If my character was king/queen what are the top five rules he/she would make.
✘ - I’ll write my charcter’s suicide note.

Psychedelic 420 appreciation post




{{ I need to go clean up my feels…They esploded all over the place. My guilty pleasure, everyone. }}

Because i can.